Friday, 9 February 2007

When I Become Pope..., don't panic, Captain Mainwaring! I haven't thrown off my mantilla and gotten ideas above my station... I've actually spotted a new board game, courtesy of Ttony in The Muniment Room.

VATICAN - the Board Game is made up of:

- A fold out game board where the life and career of the aspiring cardinal is played out.

- A total of 286 cards including: Career Events cards which describe events that impact a cardinal's career; Take a Stand cards which require players to choose positions on critical issues facing today’s church and address the issues from a historical perspective; Electoral Run-Up cards which present the opportunities and perils cardinals face in the critical days before a papal election; and Conclave cards which detail important events that determine actual voting in the conclave.

- Six cardinal game pieces; choose the one that best reflects your personality.

Heheheh... I bagsy the one on the far right... I like the biretta!


Anonymous said...

This is very cool!

Right: whoever gets it first has to organise a meeting for all of us to plat it. Okay? ;-)

Cathy said...

IS that Arinze third from left?

Students@EnglishOP said...

This sounds really good!

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