Thursday 16 April 2020

Slippery Slopes...

Those of us who oppose voluntary euthanasia have long argued that there is a slippery slope involved: once you make it seem normal to avoid any possibility of pain and suffering, it is almost inevitable that the arguments will change to encourage those who might not be too keen on ending it all because they find life unbearable to end their lives because they do not wish to cause suffering to others.

It is selfish to cling on to life, the argument will go, especially as that life is no longer of any material benefit to society, and anyway, think of the distress (and the financial strain) you are causing for your poor relatives... much better to end it all... sign here.

The pro-euthanasia lobby are quick to dismiss such warnings as scaremongering: it won't happen, because the ending of a life will be done properly, under the watchful eyes of medical staff. Poor old Auntie Flo can't be bumped off by her relatives for the inheritance because there will be safeguards...

It would appear that the passage of time has once again proved that pro-lifers are spot on, and, if anything, have understated the reality of the depths to which society will sink if we forget to treat all human life as sacred, from the moment of conception until natural death. We haven't even needed to wait for voluntary euthanasia to become legal.

It seems that, with the threat of a viral infection which predominantly affects the elderly and people with certain pre-existing health conditions, people in those vulnerable groups are being encouraged to sign DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms in the event that they become ill with the virus.

They are being urged to sign the forms, and even to say that, in the event of contracting the COVID-19 virus, they do not wish to be taken to hospital. The arguments used to encourage the signing of this outrageous document include that this will free up healthcare resources for younger, healthier patients, and also reduce the risk of healthcare workers contracting the virus.

You read that correctly. This is happening right now.

The situation is actually much worse. Remember all those safeguards the voluntary euthanasia crowd like to talk about? Well, they aren't worth toffee. GPs have been reported as signing forms on behalf of patients in care homes without informing relatives. They have even signed the forms on behalf of people who refused to sign them themselves.

Doesn't sound so voluntary now, does it?

This has happened without euthanasia being legalised in the UK. It will, if left unchallenged, set dangerous precedents, as did the case of Tony Bland in the UK and Terri Schiavo in the USA. If you aren't already a member, do consider joining SPUC in its fight against the culture of death so prevalent in our society today.
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