Monday, 5 February 2007

Catholic Cultural Meme

Mark from Rise and Pray tagged me for this one. At least it seems easier than the Political Heroes one from the Dúnadan...

1. Name a Catholic book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away copies:
I don't give away books... I have problems lending books (bad experiences)... I love books. Libraries are also a problem for me, as I always forget to return books I like... However, I love to recommend books. Difficult to restrain myself to just the one... Ok, "The Glories of Mary" by St. Alphonsus Liguori... and "The Sinner's Guide" by Ven. Louis of Granada...

2. Name a work of religious art you'd like to live with:
St. Peter's/The Vatican...

...Oh, all right. I'll stop messing about. "Christ before the High Priest" by Gerrit van Honthorst. This picture, in the National Gallery in London, takes my breath away each time I see it (not often enough!) Until I saw this picture, I didn't understand how strong and challenging (and even threatening) Christ's silence before Caiaphas is. Truth can be unpalatable and unwelcome when it challenges your way of life!

3. Name your favourite Catholic artist:
Ooh. So many to choose from... unfortunately, given his Dutch roots, I doubt very much that Van Honthorst was Catholic... so I shall plump for Raphael.

4. Name a work of Catholic fiction which has penetrated your real life:
"The Adventure of the Amethyst" by Cecily Hallack. Written in the 1940s, it's a story of four children who meet a Bishop (who used to be an explorer) and convert to Catholicism along with their parents. It's a children's story, but oh, my... the language! Bishop Trautman would have apoplexy. Not only are there bits in French (and no translation given, either!) but there is even the odd Latin phrase!

I was given the book by my sponsor for my Confirmation (it was a treasured possession of hers, and she wanted it passed on... I had only been baptised the year before at the age of 13 (to get my younger sister into a Catholic school), so the apologetics side of the book was interesting. I didn't understand the stuff about the liturgy (pre Vatican II) and read it only as a story. I rejected the Faith pretty soon after, but never threw out the book.

Eleven or so years later, seriously ill and in pain, I couldn't sleep. I knew I had to find that book, and read it. When I woke up, after six hours' deep sleep, I knew I had to find the nearest Catholic Church. And thus began my true conversion!

Now, of course, I understand many of the references in the book to liturgical prayers and practices... unfortunately, I lent the book to someone many years ago, and never got it back. Hence my caution with regard to Point 1 above!

5. Name your favourite Catholic musicians:
If I had to plump for one, then Mozart. Otherwise, anyone who sings Gregorian Chant.

6. Name your favourite musical:

"The Sound of Music"... NOOOO ! Only kidding! Actually, it's "Evita" - the original Andrew Lloyd Webber one, not the mangled version made into a film by Madonna to boost her own ego.

7. Who are the six Catholic (or Christian) bloggers whom you would most like to meet in person, but have not (yet)?
(i) Mark - because he reads, and comments on, my blog, so he has obviously got excellent taste... or he has too much time on his hands...
(ii) Joee Blogs - because he has a lovely blog (even if he doesn't have the good taste to read, or comment on, my blog!)
(iii) Northern Cleric - because he has a Presbytery Cat despite his cat allergy.
(iv) Dadwithnoisykids - and the wifewithnoisykids, and the noisykids, because they think that praying for child number 13 shows that they want to try for a big family... wow, what a powerful prayer powerhouse they have!
(v) The Catholic Caveman - because, although they may have removed part of his bowel, I'm pretty sure they left the spleen... and his witty invective has me in stitches!
(vi) Ma Beck - and Pa Beck, and imminent Baby Beck, because she bakes awesome poundcakes!

Actually there are loads more people I'd love to meet... Ok, I'm not going to tag anyone in particular... just anyone who wants to do it (just put in a comment to let me know so I can have a peek!)


Kevin Whiteman said...

What a nice thing to say!!

Thanks Mac!

Anonymous said...

Dad with noisy kids et al rawwwk so much, they're really cool!

4lutins said...

I was very pleased to see I am not the only person who gained so much from the Adventure of the Amethyst.

We could form a small but select band of Cecily Hallack fans !

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