Sunday 16 October 2011

Hunting Licence...

I arrived home late from church this evening after stopping off to visit Leutgeb for a quick cup of tea and a natter. I discovered a note, taped to my door, from my cat-loving neighbour:

Dear Mac,
Miaowrini caught a large pigeon or a small seagull and dragged it in through the catflap - it was still alive - and I'm sorry I couldn't stop her, as she was too quick for me.

I entered the flat with caution. No evidence left in the hall. I saw three feathers in the kitchen. I checked my bedroom - all clear. Nothing in the bathroom. The sitting room, on first inspection, seemed pretty undisturbed.

I then pulled the armchair to one side and checked under the side table...

(I removed the corpse before taking the photo...)

Anyway, on the advice of Fr. Z, I have decided to keep a tally of the kittens' conquests.

So far, the kitties have notched up the following -

pigeon (live) - 4
baby blackbird (live) - 1
mouse (live) - 5
stag beetle (live) - 6

pigeon (dead) - 4
mouse (dead) - 3
stag beetle (dead) - 1

I may have missed out a couple of mice and stag beetles...
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