Friday 3 November 2006

And Another One...

Yet another blog which I can't resist adding to my blogroll... Matthew (at Lacrimarum Valle) and his wife are expecting their baby in late January, and since my own sister is expecting her first baby in early January, I shall be watching with interest.

Poets Day

On the basis that it's Poets Day* and I haven't any classes this afternoon, I have been amusing myself... I discovered this little quiz over at American Papist, and needed reassurance that I wasn't a heretic...

You scored as Chalcedon compliant. You are Chalcedon compliant. Congratulations, you're not a heretic. You believe that Jesus is truly God and truly man and like us in every respect, apart from sin. Officially approved in 451.

Chalcedon compliant




























Are you a heretic?
created with

*Poets day = Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday

Ha ! Aha !

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%
Punctuation: 100%
Spelling: 100%
Vocabulary: 100%

H/T to Cally's Kitchen

More Music...

Funny, but I never had Fr Tim down as an old-fashioned type. But it would seem that just for once he hasn't lived up to his "Father Gadget" soubriquet, and has reverted to old fashioned tapes...


What do you think would be on the "B" side?? Comments gratefully received...

Thursday 2 November 2006

New Deadly Sin?

This made me chuckle. I haven't quite recovered from the fact that I'm not allowed my coffee machine in my classroom (and I know what will happen if I leave it in the staffroom) and since I dislike weak coffee so much I'm reduced to drinking cola all day...

H/T to the Ironic Catholic for this one.

A "Halloween" Outfit to Die For

I have to admit to laughing out loud when I saw what one of the Cavemen dressed up as for Halloween...

...and then I had to try to stop, because I'm in the library!!

Check out the outfit HERE.

And Another Feast Day...

...though a little more solemn! Happy All Souls' Day. Remember especially all the forgotten souls in purgatory who have no-one to pray for them.

Wednesday 1 November 2006

Virtual Pet

I probably shouldn't have... I feel guilty enough about not making enough of a fuss of Sylvester (my real cat) as it is...

But I spotted this on Antonia's World, and I thought it was really cute. If you click on the kitten, it comes out of the basket. If you click and move the cursor over the kitten, it purrs. And if you click on the button saying "more" you get a cat toy and catfood to play with as well...

I decided to call him Felix. I found out that Felis sylvestris is Latin for a wildcat. I wanted to call him something to do with All Saints, but my lack of a Classical education means that my Latin isn't up to anything witty...

Yes, ok, I'm trying to avoid doing any marking...

...but the kitty is definitely cute. So for the moment he's going into my sidebar. Unless I decide to trade him in for a duck...

You can get one too... HERE.

Update: I got irritated by the fact that my home computer can't really cope with the cat's presence (it is a very old computer) and since I am fonder of the computer than the virtual cat, I'm afraid Felix has been consigned to the outer darkness... but the links still work if you want to have a go for yourself!!

Happy Feast Day

For all the saints... thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest, Alleluia !

What a wonderful feast day. Definitely a day for indulging in something to celebrate the Communion of Saints.

...and to all those out there who have saints' names, a very happy name day!

(and yes, there IS a Saint Mac !!)

Tuesday 31 October 2006

The iPod Playlist from Hell

My little offering on cinema display boards seems to have caught the imagination of Ma Beck at the WardWideWeb... I quite liked the concert tickets from the 6th Circle of Hell featuring David Haas, but my absolute fave is the iPod playlist... how is it that I never think of these things?

Monday 30 October 2006


I don't like Halloween - I get a little cheesed off by all the kiddies being encouraged to go and bug people for sweets... being dressed up as ghouls, witches and demons just makes it worse. One year a friend of mine lay in wait for the hoards with a big basket of miraculous medals, which I have to say is a pretty good idea, apart from the fact that it encourages the little blighters to knock on more doors...

...and one year the children of other friends lay in wait at an upstairs window: when the visitors shouted "Trick or Treat?" they were greeted by cries of "Trick" accompanied by a dousing from above via a hosepipe which the ingenious youngsters had set up.

But this little offering on a newly discovered (well, it's new to me!) blog made me laugh...

Unmissable Films

I wasn't able to think of anything very witty for the motivational posters, so I gave them a miss. But getting your favourite film title up in lights has got to be worth a go. You can try your own by clicking HERE.

H/T to Paulinus.
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