Sunday 4 August 2013

Faith Summer Session 2013...

I didn't manage to get to the whole of the Summer Session this year, but I did go along to Woldingham for the Wednesday - there is usually a Guest Speaker on the Wednesday afternoon slot.

My journey in was a little fraught - someone at London Bridge managed to drop a signalling paddle down the side of a train onto the track, and there was a bit of a kerfuffle in trying to retrieve it - and, as a result, I was a little late for Mass. I was delighted to discover that Fr. Guillaume was giving out First Blessings after the Mass... this has become a regular feature at the Summer Session, as there have been many young men ordained to the Priesthood after being formed through contact with the Faith Movement. As you can see, plenty of people wanted to get a blessing...

2013-07-31 13.02.00

The weather was glorious, and I enjoyed the scenery while catching up with many dear friends. While waiting for the afternoon session to begin, I spotted two new inhabitants of the school grounds...

2013-07-31 15.16.45

His Hermeneuticalness cut me to the quick when he asked why I had taken a photo of a door. I must be losing my touch with the camera angles.

2013-07-31 17.11.17

My heart sank when I heard that the Guest Speaker was a Parliamentary Officer (*yawn*) and it positively plummeted when I heard the phrase "Catholic Bishops' Conference" though I think Scotland is in a slightly better position than England & Wales (remember the Papal Visit?). However, I was very pleasantly surprised: John Deighan gave a rousing talk about his journey into politics, the reasons behind the success of the campaign for same-sex "marriage" and his ideas for fighting back against secularism.

2013-07-31 17.01.36

I started to live-tweet the talk, but my battery was almost completely dead by this point. (Reminder to self - get a couple of spare batteries!) However, if his talk was anything to go by, I'd say that John Deighan is well worth following on Twitter. The Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office also appears very well organised, especially with regard to their internet presence. Eccleston Square could learn a few tricks.

There are a few more photos on my Flickr page.

Shall I Change My Name To Cassandra...?

As the Greek myths tell it, Cassandra, daughter of King Priam, was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but, after she refused his advances, he cursed her so that she would never be able to convince people her prophecies were true.

I pointed out, back in December, that Cameron's quadruple-lock "assurances" about churches not being forced to carry out same-sex "marriage ceremonies" were not worth much, because the European Court of Human Rights had already stated clearly that, if same-sex couples were allowed to "marry" then any church that offers weddings would be guilty of discrimination if it declined to marry same-sex couples.

One didn't really need to be Cassandra to foresee that, once same-sex "marriage" became legal, there was bound to be someone just itching to push for a full church wedding, with all the trimmings... Sure enough, less than a month after the legislation hit the statute books, one couple plans to sue the Church of England. I felt a grudging admiration for the blatant honesty in the comment: "I am still not getting what I want."

I very much doubt that it will stop there...

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