Saturday, 10 February 2007

Way To Go, Russell Crowe...!

I don't normally bother to pay attention to what actors are up to. But this was definitely a good move, and worth a mention...

Russell Crowe says his rugby league club's cheerleading squad is being cut because skimpily clad cheerleaders detract from the game and make spectators uncomfortable.

The Oscar-winning actor, who is part-owner in the South Sydney Rabbitohs club, said the club had become concerned that the cheerleaders - whose uniform includes fishnet stockings and tasseled miniskirts in the white, green and red team colors - were inappropriate entertainment.

"It makes women uncomfortable and it makes blokes who take their son to the football also uncomfortable," Crowe was quoted as saying in News Ltd. newspapers Friday.

"We examined game day and wanted to contemporize and make the focus (on) football," he said.

A team of percussionists will replace the cheerleaders, the club announced this week. The club's Web site invited drummers to audition.

Crowe, a longtime Rabbitohs supporter, helped save the club from obscurity a few years ago before buying a major stake in 2006.

He won an Oscar in 2001 for "Gladiator." The 42-year-old actor has also received Oscar nominations for "The Insider" and "A Beautiful Mind."

Russell has gone way up in my estimation!

Mantilla-twitch in Ma Beck's direction... she must be getting fairly twitchy herself, as the arrival of Baby Beck approaches!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Russell Crowe. That must have been an 'unpopular / uncomfortable' decision to make bearing in mind you are a major celebrity always in the public eye and this would be kind of going against the secular tide that says 'oh this is just fun - Russell don't be such a spoil sport'.

No, this is definitely NOT just fun. Scantily clad girls are being 'used' by the secular fashion setters and liberal social engineers to push the boundaries of decency and modesty further and further. These people are not only damaging our kids by making them think that dressing pornographically is OK but they are deliberately working hard at destroying family values. I wonder if Mr Crowe is aware of this.

A drum ensemble, brass band etc... that's far more appropriate and Mr Crowe should be publicly applauded and thanked for his moral stance.

I like his films and Gladiator ranks as one of my all time favourites.

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