Friday 9 June 2006


...No, not mine (I've taken private vows.)

I was invited to the wedding of the daughter of a friend of mine. Friday afternoon seems a slightly odd time to have a wedding, but it did cross my mind that it might have something to do with the football. I know very little about football (I even asked my Form Group to pick my team for the staff fantasy football league) but I gather that England are playing tomorrow... and the groom used to play: Chelsea was mentioned, but I don't know if this was their youth squad or whatever....

Anyway, I was able, by dint of shameless grovelling, to get the day off school - most of my classes have either left school or are on exam leave, so there wasn't much cover to arrange. I was also privileged to sing the Ave Maria (Schubert) during the signing of the register. I have to confess that I prefer the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria, but the bride wanted Schubert, and it's her big day, so Schubert it was!

Tomorrow, I get to continue the theme: another couple of friends are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. I'm not singing anything at this, though if they have any hymns at Mass I'll join in with gusto... however, it'll probably be lots of Latin motets, so I shall just sit back and enjoy the beautiful music, and let it raise my heart and mind to God.
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