Wednesday 2 November 2011

November Kicks Off...

First of all a Missa Cantata at Our Lady of the Rosary Blackfen for the Feast of All Saints. Stirring stuff as Leutgeb would probably say - she's good at penning short, succinct phrases to capture the moment. I realise that it's probably very unfashionable of me, but I really do like the Missa de Angelis... though I'm not quite as keen on Credo III.

And then, this evening we had another Missa Cantata for the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, better known as All Souls' Day. Also stirring - but in a very different way: the propers are plaintive, mournful and very moving, while the Dies Irae thunders out, warning of the fate which, but for the mercy of God, awaits each of us.

The cherry on top of this wonderful treat consists of the opportunities for obtaining a Plenary Indulgence at the start of November, either for oneself (which always strikes me as a little bit of a waste in my case, unless I was fortunate enough to get in there just before I went to meet my Maker, as all the merits would, no doubt, disappear within the first five minutes as I succumbed to one or other of my besetting sins) or, more usefully, for one of the Holy Souls... perhaps for the most forgotten soul who has no-one to pray for him.

If you weren't lucky enough to get an EF Mass with all the trimmings ("Ablutions* at the Catafalque" as Zephy is wont to say!) then you can always get your fix by looking at the YouTube video I made with last year's photos...

*Yes, I know it's absolutions at the Catafalque, as does Zephyrinus, when he's sober...

Monday 31 October 2011

The Advent Of... Well... Advent...!

Joanna Bogle sent an email round to remind us that, along with Advent itself, the Towards Advent Festival is rapidly approaching. It's on Saturday 19th November at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

The Festival opens at 10 am, and there will be a formal opening at 10:30 am with the Gallery Choir of the Cathedral Choir School. The Hall will be packed with stalls and displays from lots and lots of Catholic groups and organisations, and there will be books, DVDs, holy cards, Christmas stuff, statues, rosaries, and more on sale. I wrote about last year's Festival (and posted some pics too!)

This year the main speaker will be Mgr. Keith Newton of the Ordinariate - he's on at 1:30pm. I suspect that a lot of people will want to go and hear him.

Although admission to the Festival is free, there is a charge of £2 to attend the talks.
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