Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Rules For Being A Catholic

Yes, it's the time of year when RCIA programmes all over the world are hotting up... being Catholic involves soul and body, and there is so much to learn...

The Ironic Catholic has produced a handy hints guide on how to behave at Mass, and avoid those embarassing faux pas. I think one of my favourites was:

8. Yes, the Holy Eucharist is a participation in the Heavenly liturgy, as we transcend time and space, singing with angels and saints. Ergo, it is politic not to look bored. However, if you are too enthusiastic, remember you will be accused of Pentecostalism. You are hereby challenged.

And the ever-helpful Curt Jester has offered a few more guidelines, including:

Asking the person who just came out of a confessional both after a long time in confession "What the heck did you do?" is not considered appropriate.

Continuously pointing at your watch for the priest to see during the homily is considered rude.

Read and learn!


dadwithnoisykids said...

Another thing NOT to do, which an inlaw did once to me. I was in line for Confession, a long line, when this person said, loudly:

"Too bad the line is so long. I'll have to go later. Thank goodness I don't have any mortal sins on my soul!"

Marston Magna said...

So is reading the Parish Bulletin during the homily. Those who read the bulletin would be most upset if I had to sit down and read the paper in their home when they were trying to tell me someting important.

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