Friday 28 August 2015

It Was Only A Matter Of Time...

I explained a couple of posts ago that I had had a catflap installed in my new flat. The cats have been a bit reluctant to use it, because, due to the double glazing here, it is a little more "clattery" than the one in my previous place.

There is also a slight drop on the other side of the door, making access a tad trickier for my rather well-fed moggies. Both of them tried the plaintive miaow from the other side of the door trick,and, although I gave in once for each cat (it was pouring with rain on both occasions) I then hardened my heart, and waited for them to figure out the mechanics. I also provided an incentive by removing the litter trays.

Tonight, just three weeks after the installation of the catflap, Miaowrini brought home her first catch.

I thought it was dead, and so, obviously, did Miaowrini, as she laid it carefully on the floor in the front room. Just as I was about to remove the corpse, it opened an eye and fluttered its wings in an attempt to get away. I used a tea towel in order to scoop it up, and took a photo. Furretti had joined us, and the noise of two excited cats and one unhappy bird (the latter possibly calling for mum - it had a fledgling sort of look) was rather startling.

Having checked that there were no obvious injuries, I let the bird out of the front window, and it flew off. Miaowrini was not amused, and she is now sulking.

Does anyone have any idea what type of bird this was?
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