Friday, 9 February 2007

Best Blonde Joke EVER !!

Oh boy... I laughed so much my sides ache! But then, I do have a slightly warped sense of humour (and blonde hair!)

Mantilla-twitch in the direction of Dadwithnoisykids.


EC Gefroh said...

Yeah, my blonde friend sent me this video. It was very funny!

Anonymous said...

*chortles* Oh, that's a good one!

Us blondes need to stick together!

Cathy said...

Oh man.
That was hilarious.
There was a Diet Coke commercial which ran here a few years back, very briefly, but I never forgot it.
It's a beauty contest, and there was a brunette, a redhead and a blonde.
The man with the microphone said, "What will you do if you're crowned 'Miss World?', and the brunette says with a big smile, "I'll work hard to save the planet." He asks the redhead and she says, "I'll also work hard to save the planet." Then he asks the blonde, she gets a confused look on her face and says loudly, "Which planet?"
Cut to blonde being crowned and given roses.
It was great.

Anonymous said...

I don't think dyed blonde really counts as being 'blonde' does it.

Mulier Fortis said...

Anonymous, try to keep up... I said in another post that I was a natural blonde, but didn't like the shade. If you don't like my jokes, go read (and comment) on someone else's blog.

Anonymous said...

Vanity, vanity - what is to become of you?

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