Saturday 5 January 2013

Blackfen's Liturgy Committee Meeting...

Bet you didn't realise that there was a "Liturgy Committee" at Blackfen!

Actually, it's only for the Extraordinary Form Masses, and all that we do is work out when we want the visiting schola or the parish choir (other than Sundays), and which Mass setting would be appropriate. Extra fixtures, such as the Quarant'Ore have to be checked against cricket fixtures and beer festivals. Pretty simple, really.

2013-01-05 14.25.09

So that's 2013 sorted.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

The Clarion Call...

The British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has published a briefing paper on same-sex "marriage" which some people might find useful. It covers some of the most common questions we face on the issue, such as "Isn’t the Church just discriminating against gay people?"

The paper also makes it clear that:

"The Church calls on every Catholic, in conscience, to a clear and emphatic opposition to such proposals, [supporting SSM] and a refusal of any formal co-operation should such laws be passed."

Tuesday Tweeting...

The inimitable Fr. Z has suggested that all faithful Catholics who have Twitter accounts should coordinate their tweets to @Pontifex so that we get a trend going (and have a chance of the message actually getting through.)

So, the proposed tweet for Tuesday 1 Jan 2013 is simply @Pontifex Holy Father, I prayed for you today. Happy New Year of the Lord 2013!

Go for it, tweeps!

Happy New Year !

May the Year of Our Lord 2013
bring all my blog readers every blessing and happiness!

Monday 31 December 2012

Just Another Day...

2012 04 01_0018Sunday doesn't count as "the Lord's Day" because some Christians are happy to work on Sundays.

Well, then, how about you can't say stealing is unacceptable behaviour for humans, because there are rather a few people out there who are happy to steal things from others?

Oh, right. Not quite the same.

Fine. How about noting that some Muslims are happy to work on Fridays, but Friday is still understood as being special for observant Muslims? Or noting that the same applies to observant Jews and Saturdays?

And let's ignore the fact that "Christians" is a rather broad term with regard to the requirements of religious observance...

It might be worth pointing out, however, that when Sunday trading was being introduced, we were assured - nay, promised - that no-one who didn't want to work on Sunday would be forced to do so.

Small wonder that Government "promises" and "assurances" are actually considered to be worth somewhat less than the paper upon which they are written...

I'm with Annie Elizabeth on this one.
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