Wednesday, 7 February 2007

More Guidance For Behaviour at Mass

Further to my jokey post on helpful hints for newbie Catholics, I see that Ma Beck has put up some genuine pointers...

...and I enjoyed the helpful hints designed especially for her own parish, St John Cantius (sounds very similar to Blackfen!)... my favourites were:

2) No, we don't shake hands. Or kiss. Or high-five. We just move on to the Agnus Dei.

3) Oh, no you didn't just show up in a tube top and hotpants, like you're in some suburban church where the priest doesn't give a damn. You're going to be squirming in your seat when you find out that our priests routinely give homilies on modesty of dress at Mass.

but I'd recommend reading all of them... HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ma Beck's comments resonate well with me! Oh, for tomorrow to come! I need to bleather with Father and see what happens next.

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