Tuesday 10 March 2015

Solemn Pontifical High Mass...

2015-03-09 21.04.32

I'm just back from Ramsgate, where, at the Shrine of St. Augustine, Cardinal Burke celebrated a Solemn Pontifical High Mass.

It was awesome, and totally stunning. I've never seen so many people packed into such a small space. Fr. Finigan did a great job of summarising the whole event over on his blog, but I had further to travel home (and went out for dinner as well!) so I shall blog tomorrow.

I have, however, got the photos up on Flickr, so feel free to go and have a good look!

2015-03-09 19.46.32

Sunday 8 March 2015

Is This What A Feminist Looks Like...?

I enjoyed a delicious lunch today after the Missa Cantata at Margate. I was just pondering whether to indulge in dessert when the waitress placed a plate of chocolate cake in front of me.

His Hermeneuticalness pointed out to the young woman that I hadn't ordered cake. She explained that it was a free treat for all their female customers, to celebrate International Women's Day.

It briefly occurred to me that this was a terribly sexist thing...

What a stereotype to perpetuate... I'm a woman, and so I must like chocolate cake! Is this really the equality which hundreds marched for today in Central London?

Actually, I'm afraid that I didn't much care. It was chocolate cake. I ate it.

In order to strike a blow for equality for downtrodden men everywhere, His Hermeneuticalness stole a spoonful of my chocolate cake. I let him live, but only because I suspect that attacking one's parish priest with a cake fork probably carries some sort of canonical penalty...
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