Saturday, 2 May 2009

A Tie-Dye Stole Doth Not A Prelate Make...

Just under a year ago, I responded to a throwaway line of the Curt Jester's, bemoaning the fact that these wannabe "womynpriests" had such execrable taste in liturgical vestments.

My declaration that I wanted to be a traddy womynpriest was, of course, a joke.

Here's another joke: 

At least, it would be a joke if they were not so self-deluded. These women really seem to believe that, by dressing in white nightdresses and draping themselves in polyester tie-dye stoles, they can make themselves, and others, into Catholic priests. They are, of course, wrong... and, by deliberately disobeying the Church, they incur an automatic excommunication.

These women all appear to be of "a certain age" and they are each in possession of a more-than-generous physique. I rather resent the fact that I, as a woman rapidly approaching that same age and with much the same sort of physique, might possibly be mistaken for one of these heretical harridans.

Twitch of the mantilla to His Hermeneuticalness.


Augustine said...

"Benedict our Pope"????


Volpius Leonius said...

just keep your chapel veil on and no on will make that mistake ;)

Anonymous said...

I did it again:


Victoria said...

Whenever women are involved in some less than orthodox practise in the Church the vast majority of posts home in on their hair styles, their dress, their age and their size, way down on the priorities is addressing the actual heterodox practise. This does not happen when men are in the same position.

Mulier Fortis said...

Victoria - actually I did report on the excommunication they incur, and I didn't mention their hair at all. The dress gets a mention because they are pretending to be priests. If you choose to focus on my report on their appearance rather than noting my reference to the excommunication, that is your choice.

Dilly said...

I dread to think what their taste in clothes and liturgy would be like, given their taste in carpets is so 1970s.

gemoftheocean said...

Apart from the excommunication business the bad taste in garment is the next biggest sin.

Form and matter, dears, form and matter.

Yeah, maybe Jesus COULD have used raisin bread with sugar icing on it, and beer instead of wine...but do we really wanna "go there" as far as validity? Not on my life!

Dymphna said...

It is interesting, it's alway the middleaged menopausal woman with the man hair cut, elastic waist jeans and comfortable shoes that comes up with this stuff. Perhaps it's hormonal or perhaps it's the last tantrum/gasp of the Baby Boomer generation.

George said...

Saw this on Fr Tim's blog earlier but was too angry at that point to write anything!!!!

Cooled off a bit now.

This really is flaunting heresy 'in your face'! It's a sickening slap in the face to the humility, obedience and denial of self central to Catholic Church teaching.

It'll NEVER catch on.

These ladies and the bishop/s who turned them into priestesses with a wave of their magic mitres need to reflect on the gravity of their error, realise that it is not just their souls they are damning but also the souls of all those who unwittingly believe that this sort of practice is really a good thing and have not had sound Catechesis!

God help them all.

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