Tuesday, 28 April 2009

You Really Couldn't Make This Stuff Up...

Oxfordshire health officials are piloting a scheme which will allow girls to get the morning-after pill by text messaging a nurse.

They will open up this "service" to girls as young as 11 years, and six secondary schools in the area are to be required to take part in the scheme.

Apparently, the Catholic school included in the pilot scheme, St. Gregory the Great, is not going to be allowed to opt out because, "the texting service is outside the governance of the schools as it is offered outside of school hours."

Can someone please explain to me why, if the service is offered outside school hours, the schools need to take part?

This is appalling. Under the guise of "healthcare" the UK Government is sexualising our children, and undermining the role of parents. Stalin would have given his right arm to have such control over the population... for that matter, so would Hitler.

Parents generally choose to send their children to Catholic schools precisely because they believe that their children will be safe from this sort of thing.

Bishop William Kenney, Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, has spoken out against the scheme. "It goes against the very central idea the Catholic church has on human life. It is sending out the message that it was better to deal with the aftermath of what people do, rather than the causes. I don't think this will help solve the teenage pregnancy rate and is taking away responsibility from parents."

I think that Catholic Action UK is absolutely right when they say that letters of support to Bishop Kenney might be appreciated. Bishop Kenney can be contacted by email. It is also worth people checking out the SPUC's Safe at School Campaign to see what is going on in our schools and how best to fight back.

Twitch of the mantilla to Hilary White at LifeSite News.


Elizabeth said...

How appauling, leave our children alone. They don't want sex from the day they are born, contrary to Kinseys research findings, but then he was a paedophile with more abnormalities than one could list.
Thank God for Bishop Kenney. I urge everybody writes a letter of support.
How can they justify texting children after school hours. It just makes me sick.
I guess home schooling will take off in a big way.

George said...

This MUST be resisted and fought with all-out effort! The government is removing any last vestige of moral backbone from our country and using our children as the vehicle for their immoral policies.

The secular schools should fight this as hard as the Catholic schools. What kind of country are we 'engineering' for our future??

Beggars belief. Is there anyone left within the UK government or in opposition who has any sense of right and wrong?

Ths school Governors must rise to the challenge en masse.

Our Lady help of Christians Pray for us!

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