Monday, 23 April 2007

Nephew Update

The latest photo of my nephew... I have to say that I'm a little concerned by the "rabbit-in-headlights" expression he keeps adopting whenever there's a camera in the vicinity! Maybe he'll grow out of it!

I do think he's totally gorgeous....


ali mata said...

nice baby :)

Btw! I've been reading your blog for a while and greatly enjoy it! and thanks for mentioning me! :D

and... wow! you took private vows, that's pretty awesome and interesting! could you, maybe, at some point write a post about this vocation? is not very known and even though I've read some stuff I've never met someone actually living the vocation. :)

God bless!

Mulier Fortis said...

Thanks, Ali.

This is my first post on my vows - and why I was renewing them last year.

Next is a post I wrote on preparing to renew my vows, and what vows I had actually taken.

Finally, I wrote a post on the day of renewal itself.

There are one or two other (brief) references - type "vows" into the search blog box at the top if you're interested.

I hope this helps - another post will be put up eventually, but I'm not sure when exactly!!

Kasia said...

Beautiful little boy!

Don't worry too much about the camera-shy thing...though I suppose he could grow up to be Amish... ;-)

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous little boy.
He DOES have that wide-eyed look in each photo, but I think he's just very observant and interested in what's going to happen next.
he hates cameras.

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous!

...and I think he's just thinking, "er... why's she got that strange wavy, clicky, pointy thing... and why's she pointing it at ME!!!"

Kasia said...

I've got it! I've figured out why he gets that look!

...he wants a picture taken of him from behind, just like his auntie!


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