Sunday, 22 October 2006

Renewal of Vows

This half term has been very busy, and I haven't had time to reflect on my life properly: having arranged a session of spiritual direction for Saturday meant that I had to force myself to do just that.

On 1st December 2002 (the First Sunday of Advent) I took private vows to remain a single woman living and working in the world, giving my life in service of God and his Church. I had originally intended it to be very, very quiet: me making the vows, my spiritual director and a couple of friends as witnesses. I'd found the initial decision difficult to make (it's not easy to give up all ideas of a husband and family), and although I was convinced that this was what God wanted from me, I wasn't at all confident of being able to explain it to other people. I was naturally wary of announcing to all-and-sundry that it was my intention to become a mad old spinster haunting the pews... spiritual director and the friends I asked to be witnesses knew that I was already a mad spinster haunting the pews, and decided that it would be worth having a little dinner party afterwards. And so a few more friends were invited...

On the day itself, much to my surprise, Fr Tim produced leaflets with an order of service on it. And a few of them were left behind accidentally in the church... where they were discovered by other friends who hadn't known what I was up to... (boy, did I have some explaining to do!!)

So a year later, when I renewed my vows, I decided to have a proper party afterwards. The day was changed from Sunday to Saturday to make it easier for people to come along, and I decided the day before the First Sunday of Advent was the best one to plump for (being nearest to the original.)

Although I strictly speaking do not have to renew my vows (as far as I'm concerned, that's it for life), it is actually quite nice to re-affirm my committment to God and his Church in this way. It's a reminder to me that I'm not single by default, that I'm not waiting to meet "Mr. Right", because effectively I have met him: Jesus Christ, my Lord and God.

It was only in preparing for my session of spiritual direction that I realised that there are only five weeks to go until Advent. So I've got to get my act together... I checked with Fr Tim, and booked him for the occasion, and I booked the large hall for the party. Now I've got to see about getting the bar opened (absolutely vital) and food... oh, and I need to tell all my friends!


Ma Beck said...

If I were near, I would love to see it - sounds lovely.
Have a ball.

Mac McLernon said...

Thank you Ma Beck... I'll try and get some photos up after the event (Fr Tim is bound to be prowling with that camera!)

...but if by any chance you find yourself in London on the 2nd December...

Belt63 said...

I just wanted to say congratulations! I know that I am 8 years late, but I just found your blog and am enjoying your insights. God's Peace - David

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