Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Off Exploring

No, sorry, you don't get a break from my banal blonde blatherings... I'm not going anywhere! It's more a case of where I've been already (on the blogosphere, natch!

I walked into the Muniment Room (and I must ask Ttony what on earth a muniment is... and why he has two "t"s in his name)

There was a rather moving post about Christmas traditions. I remember when my little sister first declared to the family that she didn't believe in Father Christmas any more... after she had unwrapped all her presents, of course. And yes, this is the same sister that has just presented me with my new nephew!!

1 comment:

Ttony said...

"Muniments" are old documents. The Muniment Room, in a country estate, a college, or some other venerable building, is where you would expect to find the archive.

"Ttony" is a reduplicative. Teetotal doesn't just mean "total abstention" but "Ttotal absention!!!!!" In the same way (although I have a horror of abstention, never mind total abstention) I am not Tony, but Ttony.

That, and the fact that "Tony" was taken when I first signed on to the Universe's web forum.

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