Friday, 19 January 2007

Bits and Blogs

Oh wow! I commented on the fact that several blogs hosted by Wordpress had the really snazzy ability to "see" another webpage by hovering the cursor over the link.

The Dúnadan has obviously been exploring, because he discovered how to do it too... and he was kind enough to put up the information for the rest of us (and gave me a mention in the process!)

The code can be found on the website (and they tell you where it goes as well, so you don't need to be afraid of the big bad html beastie that lurks behind every template!!)

I promise you, it's easy as pie... try hovering over some of my links, just to prove it!


Anonymous said...

yeh, great

BCB Webmaster said...

As for me being an explorer, I would not give me so much credit! I found the Snap website purely by chance while visiting a blog that I can't even remember the name of now - one click led to Snap and the rest, as they say, is history!

Mulier Fortis said...

But you remembered to let me know!!

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