Thursday, 12 May 2011

I Should Be Blogging...

I know, I know... there's all sorts of stuff going on, what with the imminent release of Universae Ecclesiae (the instruction on Summorum Pontificum), the arrival of a papal rosary (more on that soon), various thoughts about a Guild for Bloggers, and things like that.

I did, however, discover the remains of a bottle of Baileys which I had obviously put away for "safekeeping" during Lent.

Having checked that the contents hadn't gone off in the period since Ash Wednesday (they hadn't) while reading various blogs, I have realised that I am not really in the mood to comment on anything. Instead, I am going to go and curl up with the kittens. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday, if I decide to monitor the rest of the bottle of Baileys (purely in the interests of quality control, you understand...)

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