Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Candlemas was really great.

I arrived at church early, figuring that someone needed to switch on the heating. Jonathan and Patrick (two of our senior servers) were lurking in the small hall, waiting to find out whether there was actually going to be a Mass, as they thought that Fr. Tim might have gotten stuck at Wonersh. Explaining that I hadn't heard anything negative, we went ahead and set up for the Old Rite Mass... we decided that an outdoor procession would probably be inadvisable, as there wasn't anything in the rubrics about dealing with broken limbs.

Just before Mass, Fr. Tim came in and informed us that the organist and choir would be unable to make it. I tried not to whimper too loudly, and sat down beside the piano to try and learn the chants to accompany the distribution of candles and the procession... One of the senior servers is a music graduate, and so he was "volunteered" as another voice. Three members of the choir did actually manage to turn up, and we muddled through, helped by Fr. Tim. The Mass propers were much easier, as the tones were similar to the ones we had on Sunday.

Unfortunately, being rather preoccupied with unexpected singing duties, I didn't manage to get a single photo. I'll try again next year!

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