Thursday, 5 February 2009

About Time For Another Cat Post...

Given my propensity to oversleep, I found this rather amusing. Unfortunately, I cannot blame Sylvester for doing anything of the sort... he would never do anything which might delay breakfast time!


Jane said...



I once had a cat called Bosco who used to lick my closed eyelids to make me get up.

Would you say your feline master fits any of the characters in T S Eliot's Practical Cats.
In our current four we have,in order of seniority:
A Gumbie Cat
A Rum Tum Tugger
A Lady Griddlebone
A Macavity the Mystery Cat.

Have a good weekend.

gemoftheocean said...

This is quite funny. I'll have to pass it on to a friend of mine, who's retired. Her cats probably WOULD do something like this!

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