Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Amusing Myself

I have beeen playing around with my computer. I'm delighted to say that my phone appears to be compatable with my PC, and so I can use the phone as a camera... and then I can upload loads more pictures to the blog!

Technology is certainly getting more and more impressive. I remember when mobile phones first hit the streets... (yes, I really am that old!!) ...they were anything BUT pocket-sized. In fact, the battery packs which were needed to power them up were the size of large rucksacks.

My current phone is a Samsung Z400. It's bigger than I would prefer, but it has video capability... and the photos are rather reasonable. When I get my next upgrade the same quality will probably be in a much smaller and sleeker model.

Anyway, I took a photo of the crib in my parish.

And here's a picture (as I promised some time ago) of my cat, Sylvester, who is doing his utmost to eat me out of house and home (in between providing me with mice to play with!)


David Palmer said...

So how old are you? :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww... your cat is so sweet!

My phone does photos too - one thing I love about it, though, is that you turn it sideways and press a special button to take photos - it feels just like using a camera.

biretta wearer said...

I hope Sylvester will have special treats for his name day - smoked salmon, perhaps? His picture reminds me of my first cat - a black tom - Luther.

Oops! Presbytery Cat is head butting my knee. Must be time for food or yet another re-run of the 'Urbi et Orbi' recording (she is very fond of His Holiness).

Mulier Fortis said...

DAVID !! I am so SHOCKED that you would ask such a question...

Mark, Sylvester would not appreciate being called "sweet"... he is definitely a tough-guy type. My next-door neighbour reported a while back that Sylvester is the garden bully, and I found myself reacting in exactly the same way as many parents do when challenged about their children's behaviour: "Nooo, Sylvester would never behave in that way..."

Northern Cleric, Sylvester won't be getting any smoked salmon, although he is quite fond of it. I shall be treating him to some Kentucky Fried Chicken... I like the coating, he likes the chicken.

BCB Webmaster said...

I was at school when walkmans came out. Big as bricks they were, but we were still very impressed with our classmate who owned=------

Those last lines were caused by Berry walking over my keyboard just now! Thankfully, the combox is over the photo of Sylvester who (I shall have to write this very quietly) looks very sweet in a tough Sweeney type way. I'm sure he doesn't walk around calling other cats rude names though. As for the above, I meant to write 'our classmate who owned one."

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