Monday, 29 November 2010

A New Catholic News Round-Up Service...

The Pulpit aims to provide a round-up of Catholic blog posts and news articles. I suppose it's a useful summary, in its way, but it merely gives a list of posts, without any comment - as such, I don't think it will be any more useful than Traditional Latin Mass in Maryland (which does much the same thing, with the occasional comment) or Google Reader, which allows me to see at least the beginning of a post. However, I think I shall keep an eye on it, if only because I might discover a few new blogs that way...


Tito Edwards said...

Thanks Mac!

We aren't what you might say an aggregater or even a blog.

We find the best (in our opinion) in Catholic punditry, ie, in-depth & well written articles.

And again, thanks for the plug!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


P.S. CVSTOS FIDEI has reverted to a personal blog of mine, while The Pulpit picks up what I started at Custos Fidei.

Deo volente said...

Thanks for the mention, Mac, my Facebook & Twitter friend! Any mention from your illustrious blog is greatly appreciated! I also offer daily links to the Propers of the TLM using various sources and the FSSP Ordo. For those interested, they can join my Facebook group whose link is featured on the blog.

Cordially from Terra Mariæ,

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