Saturday, 14 August 2010

Happy Feast Day!

I love the Feast of the Assumption. Tomorrow morning we shall have our Missa Cantata (and yes, Patricius, probably with loads of lace!) and the statue of Our Lady will have been dressed, and there will be flowers galore...

I have recharged my camera battery (and the spare) and made sure that it's packed in my bag, so I can't forget it in the rush to get to Mass in the morning. I haven't taken any decent photos for a while, so watch this space... and this blog!


Left-footer said...

Here in Poland, the Feast of the Assumption is a a very big day, firstly, of course because this is a very Catholic country, and secondly because on 15th August 1920, Poland, we believe with the prayers of Mary Queen of Poland, defeated Lenin's Red Army at the Battle of Warsaw and saved Europe from communism.

Soldiers, active and retired, will be at Mass, and there will be parades.

A very happy Feast to you too.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Happy Feast, Mac!
May our Lady give every help, grace and blessing to all!
I, also, love the Feast of the Assumption...our hope, our destiny, our true home; with Jesus in the Kingdom!

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