Tuesday, 27 July 2010

They Made It...!

It seems that the triumphant trio arrived in St. Peter's Square, Rome on Saturday evening.

They made it in 20 days - 19 days if you make allowances for the day they spent in hospital with Gregory after his collision with a lamp-post. I still want to hear how he managed that one.

The trio have been enjoying the sights of Rome, and will be returning to Blighty in a couple of days. There is still time to make a donation via their charity fundraising page, and absolutely all of the money raised will be divided between Mary's Meals and the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative, as they funded the trip themselves.

Many, many congratulations on this amazing achievement.


gemoftheocean said...

Congrats to them, that's great news. Something they'll remember their entire lives - quite an accomplishment.

Dominic Mary said...

How Splendid !

I hope that they have a wonderful time in Rome . . . and I am sure that a prayer for you at the tomb of the Apostle will do much good !

Et Expecto said...

And two of them got the yellow jersey.

That's remarkable!

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