Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Love Lourdes...

It is wonderful to be able to visit the place where Our Lady chose to
appear, as Fr. Tim reminded us in his sermon this morning.

The visit to the Baths yesterday involved a very penitential wait (I
didn't have any children or obviously disabled pilgrims to accompany
me) but it was well worth the effort.

This morning started with the official group photo in front of the
Rosary Basilica, and then people made their way to the parish church.
As we have three priests on the pilgrimage, it seemed an excellent
opportunity to celebrate Solemn High Mass.

Unfortunately I am not a proper musician, and the only people really
competent enough to sing the Gregorian chant were all saying or
serving Mass... which left me to sing the propers according to the
Rossini psalm tones. The glorious acoustics in the Crypt prevented it
from sounding too thin, and the congregation joined in for the
ordinary chants of the Mass, so that was good.

In the afternoon, we went to Bartres. This was the village where St.
Bernadette's wet-nurse lived, and where, just before the first
Apparition, St. Bernadette worked as a shepherdess. I took photos of
the house and the parish church, but had to give the sheepfold a miss,
as the walk over the hills to the barn where St. Bernadette was too
steep for me.

Fr. Tim met and chatted to the Sacristan, and I now have the
delightful task of contacting the Parish to arrange a Mass at Bartres
for next years' pilgrimage...

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