Monday, 31 May 2010

We Have Arrived...

We have finally arrived in Lourdes, after a surprisingly uneventful
journey - albeit a very long one.

I didn't manage to get any posts prepared in advance, so I'm pretty
much restricted to what I can send from my iPhone... And, unless I am
very lucky, I doubt that I will be able to upload any photos or video
clips until I get home.

Still, I shall do my best to keep you up to date!


Zephyrinus said...

Thank you for this Post, Mac. Delighted you all have arrived safely. Your erudite Postings and excellent photos are my way of visiting Lourdes (without actually going, of course). Have a holy, pleasant and safe pilgrimage. Greetings to all the Blackfen and Chislehurst pilgrims.

ocd sister said...

In your charity, please pray for us your readers. What a blessing to be in Lourdes! May the good Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady, granting you all the graces you need to be holy now and always.

Shevyn said...

Have a nice trip Mac.
Hope to see the photos soon :-)

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