Wednesday, 30 December 2009

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas...

Customer Relations Department
Ye Olde True Love Gift Shoppe
Santa's Grotto, North Pole

Dear Sir,

You'd think that we'd be able to supply five gold rings without too much trouble, wouldn't you?

Well, unfortunately, we seem to have had a bit of a run on gold rings. We had a visit from a fine lady the other day, and, as well as waltzing in on a white horse, demanding musical accompaniment, she went and bought twenty gold rings. Why exactly she would need twenty, I have no idea... and all different sizes too. And then she flounced out in the direction of Banbury Cross. Our last ring was purchased by a Mr. Smeagol. He was very keen to know if the ring could withstand high temperatures.

Please accept our sincere apologies.

Miss L. Toe

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