Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hope They Warm Up The Water...

Day 2 of the Pilgrimage. This year I have done my best to make sure we don't start too early, because of the time needed to get young children up, washed, dressed and fed. I have to admit that I needed prompting for this: not having any children of my own means that the mechanics escape me... by the time I encounter them at school, they've done all that stuff!

So, we will start off with the official tour of Lourdes: In the Footsteps of Bernadette. Last year was the Jubilee year, and there was a special "Jubilee Way" with stickers (and a Plenary Indulgence) to collect. The places connected with St. Bernadette's life were extremely crowded, and I'm hoping that things will be a lot more relaxed this time round. That will take all morning, and I expect that people will want to go for lunch in the town (we always stay half-board, which allows more freedom with regard to lunch arrangements, as well as keeping costs down.)

The Baths open in the afternoon at 2:30pm, but, as I don't have any children with me, I will need to get there some time beforehand to make sure I get in. Priority is given to the sick, the disabled, and parents with young children, so they don't need to queue for long periods.

I shall try and remember to wave at the video camera at 1:50pm (local time) if you want to try and catch me on a screen dump... go on, I challenge you.

Mass will be quite late: 4pm in the St. Gabriel Chapel. This chapel is to the left of the Crypt, next to the road going up the Espélugues Hill. I tried to arrange Mass in the St. Michael Chapel, but there is building work going on there, so it wasn't available.

After Mass, we will have the Stations of the Cross... the start of the High Stations is just a bit further up from the Chapel (how about that for planning!) while anyone unable to tackle the hill (like myself) will be able to make their way down to the Lower Stations, over on the other side of the River Gave.

The Torchlight Procession will finish off the day once more: I plan to take a few photos to use for another You Tube video slideshow.


Anonymous said...

glad your pilrimage is going so well. Just wonder if you use hotel near to Grotto...especially as you have children on pilgrimage, Have been over 60 times but for last four years have used Hotel Panorama...just about 100 metres from St. Joseph;s gate. Please pray for sinners and put me top of that list!

George said...

The baths are phenomenal!!! I guess the water temperature must be around 8-10 degrees C. That's cold, but frankly you just don't feel it. I've been four times and what absolutely amazes me is that without the use of any towel your body seems to dry itself in moments between stepping out of the bath and walking the few steps to the changing room! Miraculous in itself.

God Bless you all on the parish pilgrimage and enjoy the week. Lourdes is simply fantastic.

Elizabeth said...

Now tell me Mac is the concern for getting up early really to do with the children or reading between the lines is there someone else who 'does not do mornings'?

Mulier Fortis said...

EF (pe) - we are literally two minutes from St. Joseph's Gate... I've blogged about it before!

Elizabeth - lol ! But I had booked early Masses all week and Fr. Tim insisted that I change them... honest!

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