Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another Day To Remember...

I took this photo last year, outside the parish church - you can see that the crowds were pretty horrendous.

I shall take some more photos today, as this is where we will be celebrating our Mass - Fr. Tim, Fr. Charles, and Fr. George Byers will all be present, and, since we have a couple of musicians to chant the Mass, our Senior MC and several servers, it seemed only natural to try and organise a Solemn High Mass.

Fr. George will be leaving Lourdes shortly to return to America, so it was kind of him to make the arrangements with the parish here in Lourdes when he is so busy (the Lourdes Sanctuaires are separate from the parish church, so I couldn't book this through the Service Planification.)

We will be going to the Grotto for the Rosary and blessing of children at 3:30pm. I shall try and wave at the camera after it has finished - about 4pm - but you might catch a glimpse of our group if you watch carefully, as the camera tends to pan around during the actual recitation of Rosary.

The Blessed Sacrament Procession will start at 5pm - last year my knee and ankle were playing up, so I sat down to watch Our Lord pass by, fully intending to go back to the hotel to rest once the Procession had passed. However, I found myself being drawn to the underground Basilica, and managed to stay for Benediction.

The final night here in Lourdes will end once again with the Torchlight Procession...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know it? A plenary session for the dozens of us chaplains on Thusday morning, from 9:00 - 11:30 AM... Sorry!

Father George bloggingLOURDES

Catholic with Attitude said...

you've got to love the underground car park ;o)

Jane said...


It's a hospital visit day so won't be able to watch you 'live'. However can get it later on a kto repeat.

Please give my best regards to Fr. Tim. (I haven't go round to telling him about Colin's accident yet.)

Hope you can squeeze in a Hail Mary for us!

Every good wish and a safe journey home, DV in good weather!


ukok said...

Mac, i'm really enjoying these Lourdes post that you are sharing with us all. God Bless you!

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