Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mass In The Underground "Car Park" !

Our first full day in Lourdes will start with Mass in the Basilica of St. Pius X... the one I refer to as the "underground car-park." I'm afraid that pre-stressed concrete pillars are just not my thing. Still, the shrine authorities have tried to pretty it up a little by hanging up banners of the most recently canonised saints, along with some older favourites. I just don't understand why someone doesn't give the place a lick or two of paint... just to brighten it up a bit!

The Basilica seats 10,000 pilgrims, and the International Mass is something to be experienced. It is better than it used to be, apparently, as there is more Latin, so there is less need to have prayers in every single different language. Overhead screens also provide translations of some bits... as well as the words for the hymns... karaoke style! The Mass starts at 9:30am, but if you want a seat you need to get there considerably earlier.

At 3pm we have our tour of the town. The "Way of the Jubilee" visits the places mentioned by Pope Benedict in the indulgence he granted for this 150th year: places like the Cachot (the condemned prison where the Soubirous family were living at the time of the apparitions) and the parish church. I missed out this walk for the last couple of years, having been to the places on several occasions previously, in an attempt to pace myself... Lourdes is very hilly. However, if my knee and ankle aren't playing up too much after yesterday's travelling, I hope to make the effort to go along today.

The torchlight procession at 9pm will finish off our day perfectly!

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the mother of this lot said...

Sin or no sin, I am insanely jealous. I'm none too keen on the underground car park either (I thought I was the only one who called it that)!...but the torchlight procession - I could spit!

Have a great time! Say one for me!

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