Friday, 30 May 2008

Feast of the Sacred Heart

A pretty gentle day ahead of us. We will start off with Mass in the Chapelle Saint Michel, which is to the right of the Crypt Chapel. It's the twin chapel to that of St. Gabriel, but the road runs right past that one, which means that it is very noisy, and tourists and pilgrims are more likely to try to wander in for a look round... which isn't really ideal, as the door is right next to the altar!

The Chapelle Saint Michel is on the side above the Grotto and the Gave river, and there is a gate which is often locked, so people don't often try to go through. I took this photo last year, from just outside the chapel door, looking down. The group of people at the bottom of the picture are attending Mass at the Grotto, and further back you can see the candle stands and the baths.

Then, after Mass, we'll have our official group photo taken in front of the Rosary Basilica.

There's free time until the Stations of the Cross at 4pm. We'll have two groups - the more agile pilgrims will make the traditional stations on the Espélugues Hill. They are the most beautiful stations, but the hill is very steep, and the pathway rather treacherous underfoot, especially if there has been any rain. It's deceptively easy on the way up, though steep. But, the last time I went, I had to hold on to a friend's arm on the way down at the end, and I realised that it really wasn't a good idea to repeat the experience.

The second group will make the Stations over on the other side of the Gave. These stations have been updated in time for the Jubilee celebrations, and I'm very keen to try and get a few photos.

Once again, we'll finish the day with the torchlight procession at 9pm.

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Leticia said...

How inspiring, wish I were there!

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