Tuesday, 27 May 2008

...And We're Off !

The big day has finally arrived. Because of flight times and the coach journey, it won't be possible to have Mass when we arrive in Lourdes, so we will start off at 8:30am with a Low Mass in the parish before we leave. Then, after a cup of tea, we'll have a special pilgrimage blessing before boarding the coach to Gatwick.

I am busy praying that everything goes according to plan... and that I have remembered to plan everything...

In theory, we should have our own dedicated check-in, courtesy of British Airways. At least, that's what I was promised. If we do, I shall be sure to take a photo, because it'll be a first for me!

We arrive (Deo voluntas) in Toulouse at 4:15pm, and in Lourdes at about 6:45pm (travelling by coach from the airport), which means that we should arrive just in time for dinner at the hotel, and we'll have time to find our rooms and unpack before going to pray the rosary on the torchlight procession at 9pm. Then, those of us who are still conscious will be able to relax in the hotel bar.

I am going to be cheating dreadfully this week. I am making use of Blogger's new scheduling facility, as I'm not sure that I'll be able to get access to a computer - though I'm certain that His Hermeneuticalness will manage it somehow. Anyway, rather than put up a huge post with what we've got planned for the whole week, I'm doing a day-by-day schedule, which will (hopefully) go up each morning. I can add more posts if I do manage to prise Fr. Tim away from the computer in the nearest internet cafe, but there will be a little something for you all in the meantime.

And when I get back, there will be a photo-fest, and maybe even a video, so watch this space!

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joannaB73 said...

Have a great time!

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