Thursday, 15 May 2008

Just In Case You Can't Think Of A Reason...

A while back, Newhousenewjob said that she had been angered by the implication that the Rosary is a prayer only said by people too stupid to think up their own prayers. She did wonder whether her friend had gotten the wrong end of the stick, but looking at the name of the group her friend went to for instruction ("Journey in Faith") I suspect that this was one of those wishy-washy, cafeteria-catholic type groups, who love to imagine that they're oh-so-sophisticated-and-adult in their faith.

Well, plenty of intelligent people I know pray the Rosary: several with doctorates, many with at least first degrees. People who believe that the Rosary is just repeating prayers mindlessly haven't had the intelligence to find out what the Rosary is all about.

Anyway, I saw this video on Fr. Ray's blog, and it is so uplifting and cheerful... and gives fifty reasons (from fifty young people) why we need to pray the Rosary.

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Volpius Leonius said...

Pope Benedict prays the Rosary, and he is an extremely intelligent man not to mention the Pope, I would think that would be enough for anyone, if it isn't how about the fact the Our Mother asked us to and Our Father has commanded us to honour our mother.

Given all the graces and promises attached to it I would say it is more likely that only the stupid don't say it lol.

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