Friday, 16 May 2008

The Truth About Stem Cells

Given all the hyperbole about the "desperate need" for embryonic stem cells and human-animal hybrids to allow the development of many treatments for human diseases and disorders, and all the claims made by scientists about how scientific progress will be unbelievably hampered if Dr. Frankenstein isn't allowed complete freedom in the laboratory, it is refreshing to find a simple, but authoritative, summary of where the research actually stands at the moment.

The Scottish Catholic Media Office has produced the following video, showing Professor Colin McGuckin, from the University of Newcastle, explaining it all in words of one syllable. The music in between sections is rather grating, but it's worth putting up with it, as this is the most accessible and comprehensive summary of stem cell research I have encountered.

Hmmmmm. Hang on a minute. Newcastle was in England the last time I looked. So why wasn't this stuff produced by the Catholic Media Office of England & Wales?? Maybe something to do with the excellent support given to the pro-life movement on this issue by the Scottish Cardinal, and... (I'll leave you to work out the end of that statement.)

Twitch of the mantilla to John Smeaton for the video link.

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