Monday, 7 April 2008

Warning - Major Rant Imminent !

I was pretty cross before. I am now ABSOLUTELY LIVID !

I have posted previously explaining what my thoughts on Mr. Blair's conversion to Catholicism were, both before and after the event. I haven't always been a faithful Catholic, and I am still far from perfect, so I'm hardly going to lob stones in his direction: I am not calling for Mr. Blair to don sackcloth and ashes. However, it must be noted that he is a public figure, and, Catholics have the right to expect Mr. Blair to hold up his hands and admit that he made mistakes and he is sorry for them.

After all, at his reception into the Church, Mr. Blair swore before God that he believed and professed all that the Church holds to be true...

However, at his speech in The Cardinal's Lectures series, Mr. Blair basically implied that - in much the same way as Prince Charles wishes to be known as Defender of faiths rather than Defender of the Faith - all faiths were pretty much equal.

One wonders why he bothered to convert, if that is his true opinion.

Anyway, despite letters from John Smeaton (Director of SPUC) asking if Mr. Blair will repudiate some of the more blatant anti-life legislation he supported in Parliament, no such statement has been forthcoming. Instead, Tony Blair stated quite clearly in his lecture that he regretted nothing he did whilst in office. Fr. Tim has a summary (and a link to the transcript) HERE.

I consider the silence of the English and Welsh hierarchy on this matter to be a real slap in the face for many Catholics who, because they are faithful to the Church, are unable to receive the Sacraments.

I have read comments on other blogs expressing the opinion that Mr. Blair will have had to give assurances to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, who received him into the Church, that he did indeed support the Church's teaching on matters of abortion, euthanasia, contraception and homosexuality.

Well, whatever he said to the Cardinal, he obviously didn't mean it. LifeSite reports the news that Mr. Blair has been involved in fundraising for Stonewall, England’s largest and most well-known homosexual activist organization. At its annual fundraising dinner a few days ago, the opportunity to have tea with Tony Blair secured a bid of £20,000 in an auction held at the dinner.

Sadly, it appears that Fr. Finigan's biretta is perfectly safe. Twitch of the mantilla to the Catholic Caveman for spotting this one.


Kate said...

Couldn't agree more...especially the bit about the 'slap in the face'.the lack of direction from many of our bishops is staggering,and the message seems to be 'faithful Catholic- Obedient to the Magisterium?' don't bother us with your narrow, rosary-swinging views-you put people off joining the Church.

swissmiss said...

Maybe Tony Blair thought he was joining the Catholic Church that the pro-aborts we have in the US apparently belong to. Somehow, what their political doppelgänger says and/or does isn't supposed to reflect on there religious persona. If Tony Blair has no regrets, then why be Catholic since he certainly doesn't seem to believe in something as fundamental as life itself.

Joe said...

Notice anything about the date of the Stonewall fundraising dinner? 3rd April 2008. Notice anything about the date of Tony Blair's lecture on faith and globalisation? 3rd April 2008.

Utterly galling!

And I think of Rocco Buttiglione who sacrificed a position as a European Commissioner rather than compromise Catholic teaching on this subject.

LizzieD said...

Grrr... I have to keep off this subject for the sake of my health..grrrrr.

Adulio said...

I have been long convinced that the English Catholic church has more or less been in schism with Rome, since the closure of the Second Vatican Council. Their silence over Humanae Vitae was just the first sign of them developing a 'church within a church' so to speak. Tony Blair is their ideal convert - one who is weak minded, social-justice obsessed and a radical revolutionist on anything the church has taught on morals. His speech at Westminster Cathedral reveals the false ecumenist plan for a one world religion with no room for Christ. Just the typical 'love God (whoever he or she is) in your own way'.

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