Friday, 18 January 2008

Not Good For The Old Ego...

Comment today from a Year 10 student (15 year-old) who had a GCSE Science module exam on Tuesday...

"Miss, everything you taught us was in that test we had!"

I was pleased that he felt I'd covered the course material... I was less pleased at the tones of surprise and incredulity which accompanied the comment!


Anonymous said...

Awww... :)

gemoftheocean said...

He's young yet. That was his "first major big deal" test. If an A-level student did that to you you could choke him and I wouldn't vote to convict.

It's the equivalent of "you were right, I had those 6 beers all at a sitting and threw up."

BTW, it occurs to me that I still think this is Mister Gates rather than firefox, because I would have had the same thing happen, and it didn't. I'm banking on Billy boy.

It occurs to me ... look in your recycle bin.

AND also go to advanced options on the search....

make sure search for hidden files is also checkmarked AND

type in bookmarks.* (so you get both html and htm
AND it will also pull up

I bet it's there in a bookmarks.BAK file under one of the firefox subdirectories.

**** you, Mr. Gates.

Once AOL allegedly ate my entire address book for a month, and I could SEE evidence of it there and and it suddenly "reappeared."


Let me know how it goes. And of course, yo ucan always drop me a line at my gmail address on my profile.

But holler at me on a blog if you do that so I'll know to check there, 'cuz it's my once-in-a-while-when -I givean email out on line mail.


gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and Mac. If all else fails, you are welcome to a copy of my bookmarks. :-D


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