Thursday, 17 January 2008

A Very Unhappy Bunny...

I'm not amused... not one little bit...

Firefox (my browser) appears to have had some sort of conniption, updating itself. This isn't normally a problem... however, this time my home page was changed and all of my carefully collected and labelled (and sorted) bookmarks have been dumped. Educational sites, travel sites, reference sites, blogs... all gone!



gemoftheocean said...

Mac, don't despair. I expect they are all still there. What operating system do you have? Are you on a Mac or an IBM PC?

I also use Firefox. You might have to do an import. What's your "latest" version of Firefox? And also, did you use any custom extensions?

[Hey, I figured out Father Ray's problem a while back when his sidebar got shoved to the bottom, maybe I can figure yours out.]

gemoftheocean said...

Good, from the note you left we have the same operating system, and are both on the same version of Firefox. (IE absolutely SUCKS, I don't know why so many of my UK readers still use that. /end editorial comment!)

Go do a search file to confirm you still have the file and it didn't get trashed. Do a search for:

(notice lack of "l")

You'll most likely pull up several files with that name, depending on how many browsers you have yadayada. right click over the largest file in with that name in a firefox directory.

then open the file with notepad or something (it should be straight ascii text mor or less without junk) and just see that it's probably all your files that you thought firefox may have eaten.

THEN once you're relieved that you do still have them ... follow the directions here.

You didn't happen to be messing around with different windows profiles? [Although Mr. Gates sometimes screws you over for no apparent reason., Boy, I'd like to get my hands around HIS throat....]

Hope this helps.

[FWIW, I didn't "experience?" that particular phenomenon when I went to that version of the software....I suspect the culprit as Mr. Gates.] Assuming you weren't "doing things."]

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