Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Vatican Airlines

I want to fly Vatican Air. Maybe our Parish Pilgrimage next year can go to Lourdes via Rome... I'm sure no-one will mind having to change planes...

The Curt Jester outlines the advantages of travelling with the Vatican Air Service... I particularly liked:

When boarding you always have to enter through the "narrow gate."

Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites and males from some other orders are eligible for Frequent Friar Miles.

Flight insurance includes a fund that will pay stipends to a monastery of your choice that will have Masses said for you in case of a fatal accident.

If Vatican Air loses your luggage St. Anthony is immediately invoked.


gemoftheocean said...

How cute!

Some years back when JPII was still the pope our church organist's daughter got to be one of the stewardesses on the pope's flight to the US. She worked for Pan Am (I believe) and the pope's entourage had chartered it for the trip. She got chosen because she spoke Polish. (Our organist came from Poland after WWII.) His daughter had received a photograph of the pope

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be extra-ordinary and ordinary flights, or even fares.
Will the cabin staff do that waving about of arms stuff according to rubrics laid down by the CDW?
Mind Boggles

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