Friday, 2 February 2007

The Mind Boggles...

It just had to happen sooner or later... This is just soooo bizarre! It certainly provides a smidgeon of light entertainment on the SOR front...

Gay tourist hotels fear equality law

Hoteliers chasing the pink tourist pound have joined criticism of a law outlawing discrimination against homosexuals.

The hotels, which cater for the thriving “exclusively gay” tourism market, say that they should be exempt from the Sexual Orientation Regulations as they will be forced to accept heterosexual guests.

Some say that a ban on “gay only” advertising could put them out of business.
There were also concerns that some heterosexual couples might be unhappy if they unwittingly booked into a gay hotel.

John Bellamy, who runs Hamilton Hall, in Bournemouth, described the new laws as “discrimination against gays”. He said: “We are a unique venue and we only admit gay and bisexual men. Under this law, we would go out of business. This so-called anti-discrimination law is actually discriminatory as it discriminates against gays.”

H/T to the Dúnadan for highlighting this one! You can read the full article HERE.


Anonymous said...

I saw this yesterday in the paper - it's priceless. What will happen next though..?

-Members clubs which only allow men or women will be banned on grounds of discrimination?

-Women only sessions at the local baths? Illegal

-Women in the Premiership?!

-Women priests?????!!!!!!!!

It could get interesting

Anonymous said...

Ah, cue my laugh! :D

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