Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Keeping Tabs On Us All...

The idea of microchipping people is pretty high on the "Ewww!" scale for me. My pets are microchipped. That seems like a good idea - my cats can't tell anyone where they live. But my gut instinct jibs at having people chipped.

This isn't science fiction any more. It appears that a Florida company has been approved by the FDA to chip people so that their health details can be accessed quickly. This sounds like a good idea (in theory) as occasionally health records are needed pretty quickly and a patient isn't always in a position to give details. However, the instances where medical details are needed that urgently are quite rare (I've spent lots of time in hospitals, both as a patient and as a member of staff) and the fact that these chips are also designed for security and financial applications (listen very carefully to the spiel from the Chairman/CEO on the video clip) is ringing several alarm bells.

Yes, the powers-that-be probably already know where I am due to debit cards, my driving license, council tax, national insurance number, car registration etc. etc. But actually being chipped is, IMHO a step too far.

Twitch of the mantilla to Bones.

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