Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bloggers At Blackfen...

2011 10 01_0064The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma had its meeting at Blackfen today. In good Catholic tradition, we started the whole day off with Mass... and we were especially blessed to be able to celebrate a Solemn High Mass. I think this may be a first - three blogging clerics on the Sanctuary...

2011 10 01_0018

We then had a talk from Fr. Tim Finigan on being a Catholic blogger. He had much encouragement to give us all, along with some words of caution. I do hope that he will publish the text of the talk online, because it was excellent.

2011 10 01_0106

Lunch was provided in the large hall by Trish and her gang of helpers. Leutgeb was first off the mark in reporting the meeting, and lunch was declared to be yummy. I can second that: it was positively scrumptious!

2011 10 01_0108

We had a brief business meeting, and then it was time for Vespers, which was for the Feast of the Dedication of the Parish Church.

2011 10 01_0141

It was an enjoyable, edifying and encouraging day, and I was delighted to be able to meet up with people I'd only previously encountered online: so a warm hallo to Fr. Sam Medley, Fr. Simon Henry, Anthony, Stuart and Richard; and greetings to old acquaintances: Dylan, Leutgeb, Annie Elizabeth, Fr. Michael Clifton, Paul Priest and Hilaire Belloc.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Vesper, who often comments, also paid us a visit!

There are a few more photos over on my Flickr page.


A Reluctant Sinner said...


I am just finishing off the post for the Guild blog now, so your post and pics will come in handy!

Nice to see you yesterday!

Hope to see you again, soon.


Jam said...

What a spread!!! Kudos to the kitchen staff!!

Random thought: In northern Wisconsin/Michigan, it's customary that the women of the parish provide a pot-luck lunch/dinner after every funeral. So that any large pot-luck meal in the church gets called a "funeral supper" -- even the one after the newly ordained priest's first mass.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs. It looks like you all had a good time. You do realise that now I have seen it I am going to have to visit that church don't you...?


Mulier Fortis said...

LF - you will be most welcome. You must remember to introduce yourself: I promise not to put your picture on the blog...

Anonymous said...

The spread looks fantastic... mmmmm if only the tea and biscuits after mass looked that good!

I hope to make it to Blackfen one day and I can catch up with you and Fr Tim as I have probably not seen you since about 2005 at the faith summer session... I seem to remember we sang the Tim Cullen Hallelujah a lot that year.

Richard Collins said...

Thank you Mac and all other Blackfen bloggers for making us feel most welcome. It was truly a memorable day.

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