Monday, 26 September 2011

This Makes Me Really Cross...

Quite apart from the self-righteous tone used by Baroness Flather in suggesting that the poor have too many children, particularly those from Pakistani or Bangladeshi communities, and that this really isn't necessary in Britain because of the welfare state and pensions (oho... someone hasn't been reading the news lately!), I rather object to the fact that none of the MSM have been open about the Baroness' vested interests in making such statements.

Baroness Flather is a director of Marie Stopes International.

One-child policy, anyone?

Massive twitch of the mantilla to Red Maria for highlighting that little connection.


David O'Neill said...

Whilst I agree in part with what you say you are omitting the fact that she pointed to the number of Asians with several wives brought in to the UK who are then 'divorced' according to our law but carry on as 'unofficial wives' of the Asian men concerned. Sharia law then allows these men to carry on their 'marriages' (bigamy or polygamy?) whilst the UK taxpayer (certainly me & probably you) pick up the costs of the women & children. Perhaps the answer is that we should be less willing to allow 'spouses' to enter at all & when they cease to be the financial responsibility of the husband they should return home

Just another mad Catholic said...

@ David

Interesting points


Can the evolutionary biologists amongst you tell me why women living in secular socities tend to overide the biological imprative and murder their unborn children more often than those living in religious socities? It just seems a bit odd thats all.

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