Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lacking Inspiration...

Again... I know, I know... and no, I'm not threatening to stop blogging (as someone pointed out, I seem to do that quite regularly!) But I'm trying to explain to the few of you who still check in that I've hit another hiatus in my blogging inspiration.

I don't want to blog bad news, but I haven't got any good news to blog at the moment.

No doubt I'll get some inspiration soon. If you are in the mood for some old-fashioned comedy, might I suggest that you wander down The Path Less Taken - Mary's given up watching Fawlty Towers for Lent, but she's been posting the occasional clip for the rest of us...


Mary O'Regan said...

It's actually a blessed thing that I wasn't around when they were making it in the seventies, I would have had a Huge Crush on Manuel and would have spent my time plotting as to how to go out with the actor who played this role, Jonathan Sacks. It's probably a better thing that I've given Fawlty Towers up for Lent, it's clearly going to my head.

Genty said...

Good news: There's Solemn High Mass at Westminster Cathedral and and a Lenten Day of Recollection this Saturday.
Hope that cheers you up.

Michael said...

This might help an e-mail from a friend in Autralia, who says I can tell others about her experience.

what a lovely email....John is home on holidays and I read your email re; your welcome to him, and he said: Isn’t that nice! Yes indeed I say!!

We have been married 38½years...and when the grace it was out of the blue! Now I will tell you the whole story...ok

John is an only child, only nephew and only grandchild. His mother was very devoted to him. In 2008, we thought she was dying and in fact, and I placed a brown scapular on her. Some hours later, she woke and was very cheery although still not herself. It seems she had pneumonia. It took her sometime to recover, and she stayed in hospital for 6 weeks. Before returning to the nursing home, she asked me was the scapular was...and I briefly explained it to her, and asked her if she minded wearing it and she replied: No, not at all.

Anyway, in February this year she suffered a fall and broke her neck and her kneecap. It was such a shock to us, and she was in hospital and she started to deteriorate, so I went with John and we placed the scapular on her again. That night, a tertiary advised that I contact a SSPX priest as over the years, Jean had commented to me that she would like to be a Catholic, and when I encouraged her she said it was too late.
I told Father this, and he went straight away to see her. After a few questions, he asked her if she wanted to become a Catholic, she replied that she need to think about it as she didn’t know. Father left the room and prayed. When he returned, he asked her again, and she replied: I will, if John does!
I had obtained John’s permission to make this arrangement with Father, and when I told him her answer, his eyes filled with tears and he said: I have been thinking about it for a while, but didn’t think I was ready to make the move yet. I asked him: How long John...and he replied: Years!
So that was the beginning of John’s journey....on the 21st March, the feast of St. Bernadette and Passion Sunday. John’s mother passed away peacefully and Catholic. She finally made her decision to convert on Saturday 13th March. Again Father asked her and she replied: can I have a couple more weeks to think about it. And he said: I don’t think you have a couple of weeks left! Again Father left the room, and prayed a good part of the rosary...and when he returned and asked her again, she said: Yes Father. He gave her all the sacraments bar Confirmation which he forgot, plus she received the Apostolic blessing. However, Father went back the following Saturday to give her confirmation and her confirmation is Josephine. She died the next morning. ....It is truly marvellous to see the great joy on earth because fo these conversions, I can only imagine the joy in heaven....I will be eternally grateful for this grace, as now Michael, I feel John and I are married in the true sense...we are spiritually united before God. Deo Gratias!

Thank you for sharing our joy...and the lovely sentiments you expressed in your email

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