Friday, 18 February 2011

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

...on two counts, actually!

Firstly, I never thought I'd agree with anything Cristina Odone had to say.

Secondly, I  dislike hype. Screaming fans are, for me, a turn off. Added to which I'm not really into pop music. My students, fascinated by the fact that I will burst into song at the drop of a hat, are flummoxed when they discover that I have no idea who the latest music sensation actually is.

However, it seems that teenage heart-throb, Justin Bieber, has spoken out against abortion, declaring, "It's like killing a baby!"

I still can't quite bring myself to listen to any of his music. But I shall be rather less scathing when the girls at school confess to being "Beliebers" !

A twitch of the mantilla to Bones.

1 comment:

la mamma said...

Much as though I, like, dislike the parenthetical use of 'like', if it were used, like, in that statement, like, it would make an enormous difference.

I'd aware a 'good start but still a long way to go' for:

"It's like killing a baby"

and 10/10 (but poor English) for:

"It's, like, killing a baby!"

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