Monday, 4 January 2010

Unwanted Christmas Gifts...

"The sweet and silly Christmas things,
Bath salts and inexpensive scent
And hideous tie so kindly meant..."

Ok chaps and chapesses... you don't need to worry about what to do with all those little items you really, really didn't want. This time, you will not have to wait until the School Summer Fayre or Christmas Tombola before being able to clear out those cupboards!

The Sisters of the Gospel of Life are prepared to take the stuff off your hands, and so help you to get 2010 off to an uncluttered start...

We want your unwanted gifts! If you have adult, children or baby clothing, jewellery, unopened toiletries, craft items or books that you don’t want, please pass them along to us and we’ll be sure to make use of them, either at the Initiative or in our Precious Things shop.

Our office at 104 Albert Road, Glasgow is open 9.30-5pm, Monday to Friday. If you’d like more information give us a call on 0141 433 2680.

Thank you and God bless!

Remember that you can always do a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping for the good Sisters via Amazon, who will even deliver the goodies for you... to 106 Dixon Avenue, Glasgow, G42 8EL.

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