Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another New Blog...

Maybe all the snow has gotten everyone hunkered down over their computer keyboards... Anyway, I have a new blog to bring to your attention: The Sunday Morning Soap Box is penned by Innocent Smith. If he is innocent, then I'm up for Ordination, but we'll let that slide... check him out, because he's a very good read!

My attention has also been drawn to a very useful website with propers for the Extraordinary Form of Mass, as well as booklets, hymns and music. Called "The Society of St. Bede," it is an excellent resource for any person (or parish) wanting to give out the readings for Sunday Mass as leaflets to be used in conjunction with the Ecclesia Dei "Red Missal" for example. Some areas of the site are still under construction, but it is worth bookmarking it now.


Society of St. Bede said...

The "Red Missal" is not produced by the LMS, but by The Coalition Ecclesia Dei, see link below;

I do note that the LMS has been most kind to purchase sets of the these booklet Missals for a number of Parishes.

P.S. Many thanks for the Link.

CG said...

Dear Mulier Fortis,
This comment is in the wrong place but I thought you might not find it if I put it way back where it belongs.
I have very much enjoyed your Twelve Days of Christmas correspondence, to the point of sometimes laughing out loud.
Just today I belatedly discovered another sequence here, which you might enjoy. It maintains that the Twelve Days of Christmass was a catechetical song devised by recusant Catholics. So the nine ladies dancing taught the nine gifts of the Spirit, the ten lords a-leaping the Ten Commandments etc. (You'll have to scroll down in that link to find the earlier verses.)

Mulier Fortis said...

Tom - ah yes, I knew the LMS had only helped supply the Missals - thanks for the info, I've corrected the post

CG - glad you enjoyed it (though, because I have comment moderation, it doesn't matter how "far back" the comment is) - yes, I had heard about the catechetical connection, though some sources dispute this as a myth (and it's difficult to understand why lords-a-leaping represent commandments, french hens virtues etc.)

Innocent Smith said...

Ta, Mac. If they were ordiaining women, then I'm sure you would be close to the front of the queue!

Et Expecto said...

Thank you for your analysis of the standup website. I looked at the site and decided that it was not worth wasting time on. My suggestion is that everybody ignores it and the movement behind it. That way, it is likely revert to obscurity where it belongs.

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